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Lienz 1

Festival der Geschwindigkeit 2006

  1. Nox
    Lienz - Festival der Geschwindigkeit 2006
    (The Lienz Speed Festival 2006)

    Original track by ISI for rFactor. 6 Layouts.

    I had no hand in creating/converting this track at all, I am just uploading it here for people to use.

    Track also works perfectly fine in Automobilista without any editing required. Doesn't look as good as the new Reiza tracks, of course, but it is still rather fun.


    1. AMS 2016-12-11 10-21-48-52.jpg
    2. AMS 2016-12-11 10-22-48-56.jpg
    3. AMS 2016-12-11 10-23-23-77.jpg
    4. Lienz_24H_loading.jpg
    5. Lienz_RHC_loading.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Dragon60
    Version: 1
    Awesome track with a lot of details. Much fun to drive !!!
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