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RBR Rally lessons 0.003

Powerslide and Handbraketurn area recreated.

  1. DanTDBV
    RBR Rally lessons WIP

    Made from scratch by me.


    For now it is:
    Handbrake Gravel starting left and starting right
    Handbrake Tarmac starting left and starting right

    Update 16/2-2017
    Parts moved closer together and excess area removed. Grass is now valid track.


    Kerbs instead of cones

    Eventually this will be added.
    Powerslide Gravel starting left and starting right
    Powerslide Tarmac starting left and starting right

    Recommendations for Gravel settings and Car is very much welcome in the WIP thread.


    I am looking for the feel from Richard Burns Rally Rallyschool.

    Happy modding
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