Rally Montecarlo 64 & 65 Winners Skin Pack Rover Mini Cooper 1.3i Mod 2015-05-05

Montecarlo Winners Paddy Hopkirk & Timo Makinen, Number 37 & 52

  1. DPCustoms
    Hi everybody!, this time made a historic Mini Cooper Wins the Prestige Rally Montecarlo in the 60s. The skin pack are from Paddy Hopkirk and Timo Makinen (1964 & 1965 winner respective)
    Comment for any errors or sugestion. Hope you like it and ENJOY! ;):thumbsup: Showroom_rover_mini_s2_5-4-2015-19-39-42.jpg Showroom_rover_mini_s2_5-4-2015-19-39-56.jpg Showroom_rover_mini_s2_5-4-2015-19-38-14.jpg Showroom_rover_mini_s2_5-4-2015-19-38-48.jpg
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