Racedepartment Studio Showroom

Racedepartment Studio Showroom 1.0

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Great thanks
Great job, thanks!
Respect ;)
awsome...also would be nice to have something that sunny sky speed says
Hi , Its not that , if you use your own cars you have created from scratch will be fine , if someone wanted me to make them one , but using Kunos cars I would get into trouble over has no one is supposed to open the files , I have my own with my own cars I might release with 3 F1 Cars and a GP2 car :)
superb work! :)
is it possible to do a version with the AC Logos?
Yeah should not take too long :)
Great showroom!!! congratulations and many thanks
Amazing!! Wonder if you could do one without the RD stuff and put AC there instead?
No offense to RD or your work! but I would use that more than this one....:) Thanks!!
Yeah sure :)
Pure Genious, will use this for RD only downloads :P
Absolutely superb mod!!!! You Sir, are a very creative mind....so off course I have special request... I dream of a real garage mod where I can scroll from car to car, from the one manufactorer to another, without having to leave that garage. I'm thinking of an underground parking lot, where I can store my favourite cars in the order that I wish, maybe even with the favourite skin for that car . For example, from sports cars to super cars to hyper cars, whichever make they are, with the ability to view the car specs next to the car.... I think you know what I mean, my own private garage, would this be possible? Maybe somerhing for open discussion on AC forum?
I can make a custom garage but the cars need that skin on all the time , and really they need to be your own cars I have 1 with 4 of my cars in :)
Excellent job , thanks Chargingcar !
THIS is modding.
Thanks took a while to get right but looks cool :)

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