RaceDepartment Premium Driver Academy Skin 1.0

BMW E30 DTM Driver Academy

  1. Marcel vd Aa
    BMW E30 DTM skin for the RD premium driver academy.


    Install Instructions:
    Extract the rar file to a temporary location. Make sure it extracts the folder too. You should have a folder named RD_Drivers_Academy with all the skin files inside. Copy this folder to: X:\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\cars\bmw_m3_e30_dtm\skins\ and it should work.

    Note: I have NOT tested this with other versions of the BMW E30

Recent Reviews

  1. Wokzombie
    Version: 1.0
    Car to learn in, check.
    Skin to show who I'm with and why I'm going in the wrong direction, check.