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Queensland (3 seasons, 4 Layouts) 2.00

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Hello AMS racers,

I am pleased to present another extensive track rebuild.

Queensland Raceway v2 for AMS

Rebuilt track sections from satellite image to open all 4 layouts.
Clubman, Sprint, and Sportsman layouts are now available along with the original National circuit.
Track surface and pit lane re mapping with Reiza textures and shaders.
New groove, skid, marble graphic effects for all 4 layouts.
New scratch built 3D curbs with customized Reiza texture and worn curb shaders.
New smoothed track markings and pit lane lines.
Improved scratch built perimeter fence and cement walls with 2017 colors and advertisements. Semi accurate to real life.
Wider, extended pit lane exit onto the track makes for a lot more room to safely rejoin the race.
New tire bundle model with new walls positioned and painted as in the satellite image.
Track side buildings and objects corrected to significantly reduce z-fighting issues.
New and improved AI for each of the 4 layouts with the latest AI parameters for AMS v1.5+.
New custom physics and dynamic track designed for Queensland. The track will rubber in quickly and increase the grip, however the marbles with be slippery. The gravel traps are deep, if you get into them your race is likely finished.
Lots of smaller issues corrected and remodeling that didn't make the change log.

Special thanks and credits to Reiza for their graphics technology, garage objects, and base textures modified for use in the track surface, curbs, walls, and adverts.

A thank you to Mike Cantwell who built QLD Raceway v1.0 for rFactor. I borrowed the wire fence texture and modified the Solo logo that he used in his track.

Cheers to Patrick Giranthon for bringing Queensland to AMS and sharing his modding skills with me. Best wishes to Patrick and his family.

Please use the support forum for any issues, and be sure to leave a rating / review when you can.



Special note : Make sure to remove any previous versions of Queensland from your locations folder before installing this version.







Queensland v1

Here we go for another SuperV8 track :)
Many things put here since the GSC version. Will not list everything, too long and many problems to manage.
Pit exit has a litlle inaccuracy concerning the road lenght but it is too messy to fix honestly.

You will find 2 seasons and a summer dry variation too.

Thanks to Richo for the initial work
Thanks to Denis for picture
Thanks to Gringo for AIW / TDF and other things done for me
Thanks to Luigi for his excellent cams as usual
Thanks to Thierry Galle for .scn cleaning





EDIT : September 2017 update :




Latest updates

  1. Extensive track renovation, New 3d walls, Open all 4 layouts

    Hello AMS racers, I am pleased to present another extensive track rebuild. Queensland Raceway...
  2. Grass update and GDB update with real life temperatures

    Mas. error corrected Grass update and GDB update with real life temperatures
  3. correct error in mas file and spring grass

    Do not download this update error in mas file will be corrected in next version

Latest reviews

Wonderful upgrade. Thank you for sharing.
A lovely update kudos to Gringo for his work in updating these to AMS standard.
Nice one Patrick. Or nice many. Great to have a variation of tracks to drive with different cars. Great job.
People say this all the time, but in this case it is real--this deserves 6 stars both for the commercial-quality result and for the amount of effort. Thanks for correcting every small issue with the prior version and adding everything to make this a new benchmark for AMS mod tracks.
Nice track to drive. Any chance you could make Sandown at some stage? It would be awesome if you could, keep up the good work!
Great work !
Thank you very much !
Update work on these great tracks always appreciated. It's too bad there is still lots of flickering textures on distant objects such as the pit area buildings and other buildings around the perimeter of the track.
Awesome awesome awesome as always.
Patrik you are a true legend!!!!! This is my home track and damnnnnnn dude after this new update it is getting so much closer to absolute perfection... cheers for this man
The track becomes better and better, thanks
I don't know how else to say this, but if by any chance you're in Romania in the future, the drinks are on me.
Patrick Giranthon
Hehe, thanks ;)
Must Have!!
Excellent circuit, good fun with the Super V8 and the Boxer.
Only thing it would really benefit from is being able to run the Clubman and Sprint layouts. Pretty please??
Very good looking textures and track. Great for racing the V8 Supercars and Boxers !
Maravilloso unico....
Awesome Job yet again.. Really appreciate your time and effort.
If you ever find the time one of my favourites, Please.
◾Oran Park - Grand Prix, South and North circuits
thanks patrick as always another great track jod well done...
very god
Well Done Awesome Track to Race with in the SuperV8's!
Patrick Giranthon
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