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Quadra V-Tech (Turbo R)

Quadra V-Tech (Turbo R) 1.2

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The Quadra V-Tech, or Turbo R, is a fictional car from Cyberpunk 2077.

As of the release of this mod, the game is yet to be released and I interpreted it's features and performance aspects in my own way.

The powertrain is a hybrid between a high revving turbocharged combustion engine and electric motors with energy recovery system. that are. The electric system is not limited by today's real world technology and activates in two different situations: first, when the vehicle is stopped, and keeps pushing the car on low rpms; Then, at very high rpms, it kicks in again in "V-Tech mode", helping boost the engine for high performance driving.

The combustion engine alone is able to push the car to a little over 400km/h. With the batteries fully charged, though, the car is able to surpass 450km/h, in seventh gear.

The car is an all wheel drive with electronically controlled differentials and low frequency abs. The car also features all wheel steer and active aerodynamics.

My goal is for the car to feel quick and even a little bit arcadey. To help with that, tires are a bit unrealistic, also representing future and unknown tech.

There's clutch overlay, for manual launches with the combustion engine.

Main know problems and bugs:
- Scale seems to be a bit off.
- Driver animations are broken.
- There's no proper interior, nor gauges.

If you're a modder and wish to help with these or other stuff, please let me know in the comments of either this post or the video.

Credits: Mod by oclynx

3D model by Tenser

Sounds and extra textures from standard Kunos content.

Quadra V-Tech original design is property of CD Projekt, the developers of Cyberpunk 2077. This mod is a fan work with no commercial intentions.
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40.1 MB
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4.63 star(s) 8 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Attempt to solve an issue where the car didn't load with the original AC launcher.

    Just a quick attempt to fix the main problem that showed up so far: the car didn't load on...

Latest reviews

Really liking it. Drives nicely. Hope to have a working interior some day!
its such a beatiful car. the rearview is so sexy. needs some interior and tweaking of the ffb. its too klunky. i hope you will improve these aspects.
Great base so far. I love experimental projects like these. I expected this car to be way too fast for its own good, but on a twisty track with no long straight, it sits somewhere between a road-legal hypercar and a Dallara F317 laptime-wise, which is a nice sweet spot. The car felt very stiff at first due to the off-throttle understeer, but it starts being quite fun once you build enough confidence to play with the loud pedal mid-corner. A slightly higher dash-cam would be nice, but that's a very small detail.
Power and nice car! Very very powerful XD
Be nice if it was drivable with less power
Super! Thank u Sir!!
A rather unexpected (yet totally appreciated) mod. Well done mate
Nice, all details in the support board here...