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proTyres 1.5.0

it’s all about the tyre!

  1. Content Manager configuration support and minor fix

    Jens Roos
    v1.5.0 2019-02-22
    - optional support for INI configuration using Content Manager (CM)
    Note, ini & lut packs still needed for mod cars
    - fix for when session was ended, extended tyre wear stats was wrong

    If you want to use CM to configure the INI file, please read notes below

    - proTyres 1.5.0 needs to run once to make your existing INI file CM compatible
    - If options have wrong case format ("true" instead of "True" and...
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  2. Minor fix, affecting very few cars and specific tyre choice

    Jens Roos
    v1.4.5 181225
    - fix for estimated interpolation calculation was always done, even if not needed
    - fix for estimated interpolation error when wear lut ended with double grip values

    No INI files in archive so no personal settings are overwritten.
  3. Minor fixes, affecting a few cars or tyre choice

    Jens Roos
    v1.4.4 181101
    - fix for estimated interpolation error when wear lut didn't had enough low wear data
    - fix when using different front/rear wear lut tables, single table could sometimes be used anyway

    No INI files in archive so no personal settings are overwritten.
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  4. New features, improvements and fixes

    Jens Roos
    v1.4.3 180813
    - optional extend low range wear (red only) from 2% to 5%, default is off
    - optional DIRT overlay color can be set thru INI file
    - current tyre wear setting affects EOL tuning to work better with high wear tyres
    - fix for extended pitboard sometimes show wrong wear info (all % values equal)
    - fix for change of compound mid race, sometimes pitboard displayed wrong name due to timing of shared memory
    - fix for pressure offsets not updated directly on pitboard if...
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  5. Added new free AC content and some fixes

    Jens Roos
    v1.4.2 171220
    - updated ini&lut pack for all standard AC, DLC and bonus pack cars
    - eol autotune tweaked, could sometimes show strange bar behavior close to end of life
    - fix for config.ini sometimes saved for no reason when app was closed
    v1.4.1 171116
    - flexible 'cars_mod' folder structure, any number of folders and name starting with 'cars_' can be used
    - config.ini is checked that file is valid or app will stay static, error message in console

    No INI files in...
  6. New solid design and some fixes

    Jens Roos
    v1.4.0 171022
    - optional solid tyre indicator view with rounded corners and simple shades, False (old style) or True (default)
    - fix for app behavior related to in-game HUD preset tabs, would not save or update correct
    - fix for "PitLane" option used for "Other" under "PITBOARD" in INI file, would cause an error on all sessions
    - fix for detection of session restart, could on some rare condition be triggered faulty
    - fix for app...
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  7. Hotfixes and ini & lut to 1.15.2

    Jens Roos
    v1.3.7 171012 (hotfixes)
    - fix for some tyre compound behavior that made masked wear and new tyre indicator reset to early affecting visual display and initial eol estimate (only a few known)
    - fix for tyre and eol data not reset correct when some Challenge sessions was restarted
    - new ini & lut pack for all cars from AC 1.15.2 (not any known changes)

    No INI files in archive so no personal settings are overwritten,
    sorry for the inconvenience to all who downloaded and...
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  8. Front/rear performance curve and fixes

    Jens Roos
    v1.3.6 171010
    - support for different front/rear performance curves, only a few known mod cars have this
    - fix for tyre wear pitboard, info was sometimes not reset after changed or restarted session
    - fix for pitboard, sometimes not shown during race sessions
    - log info for session mode/init updated
    - minor code tweaks

    Regarding different front/rear performance/wear curves, many cars have double files but only a very few have different content.
    During compound init proTyres...
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  9. Updated to AC v1.15 with new functions and fixes

    Jens Roos
    v1.3.5 170919
    - updated ini&lut pack for all AC & DLC cars version 1.15
    - optional log tyre wear (green-yellow-red scaled 0-100%) writes to py_log.txt after tyre change or enter pitlane, default is off
    - optional show extra tyre wear info on PitBoard as well (if optional logging is used), default is off

    Example of extra PitBoard tyre wear info
    Please see Overview tab on how to active this function, default is off

    - support for different...
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  10. New optional slip indicator during braking

    Jens Roos
    v1.3.4 170720
    - optional three level brake slip/lockup indicator min/mid/high (yellow/orange/red) with session based sensitive levels (Off/Low/Medium/High) and different modes (Off/Direct/Delayed), update rate 30Hz
    - config_readme.txt and app description updated in Overview

    Archive contains no INI files so no personal settings are overwritten.
    (new settings created after first start for existing app users)

  11. ini&lut updated to AC 1.14.4

    Jens Roos
    v1.3.3 170623
    - updated ini&lut pack for all AC 1.14.4 cars

    As always, no INI files in archive so no personal settings are overwritten
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  12. PitBoard sign, new display mode and fixes

    Jens Roos
    v1.3.2 170531
    - optional PitBoard with compound summary, session display modes None, NewTyre, NewCompound, PitLane, closes when leaving pitlane
    - optional EXTEND display mode without wear bars, when active, all dirt levels is shown in eol bar, selection or filter can be set by INI
    - optional text scale, range 0.5-1.5, font scale is applied after app scale, min size is still standard 10px
    - standard backgrounds and graphic details updated
    - debugWindow resources not loaded by...
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  13. Update for 1.14.1 and previous fixes

    Jens Roos
    v1.3.1 170523
    - updated (new) ini&lut pack for AC 1.14.1, some cars was missing compound data in 1.14.0
    - extended check for Nordschleife Tourist, depending on start pitbox sometimes km fix could be missed
    - very little tweak eol gain calculation
    - fix for forced visible even if deactivated in app selection bar, even if not activated app will need to init to keep correct behavior of pit/track condition

    no INI files in archive so no personal settings are reset
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  14. AC 1.14 update and fixes

    Jens Roos
    v1.3.0 170518
    - updated ini&lut files for all AC cars to version 1.14.0 (only a few has changed) and new RTR DLC
    - fix for broken lut handling on a few cars (currently known Race Sim Studio)
    - fix for broken session reset when km fix was applied
    - fix when race end to practice session, sometimes current tyre set was not reset correct (not checked)
    - fix for eol color bar & markers, was sometimes not on the correct position & color
    - workaround for United Racing Design (URD)...
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  15. EOL improvements and fixes

    Jens Roos
    v1.2.2 170511
    - 1 to 7-point dynamic eol, improves estimated end of life (adapts automatically from previous 1-point format)
    - fix if race is started on track and session is restarted, tyre laps/eol data was not reset correct
    - fix for a few high wear compounds, sometimes eol could behave strange on 2nd run
    - fix if km is reset on track messing up eol (example Nordschleife Tourist)
    - fix for info eolgain, not so relevant value was shown, also shown in compact mode as well (if...
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  16. Fixes for eol behavior

    Jens Roos
    1.2.1 170501
    - fix when standing long time in pit or long countdown before race, newtyre could sometimes be reset
    - fix when session (usually race) is started on track, position of pitbox is saved if entered later during session or by jump from menu

    Above fixes corrects eol behavior, estimate of tyre life could otherwise sometimes be (more or less) wrong.

    Install package have no INI files so no personal settings are overwritten, there is also an patch 7z archive inside for...
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  17. Stability fixes and a few new options

    Jens Roos
    v1.2.0 170424
    - optional black & white color mode for buttons
    - optionally bound pressure offsets from ideal target to current track (still temp based)
    - optional fallback is now Temp (False), TempOnly (True), Track, TrackTemp or TrackOnly
    - fix when changing compounds, sometimes wrong pressure offset was selected
    - fix when selecting compound quick back to previous, selection could get stuck on 'n/a'
    - fix for some mod cars compounds not reaching 100% wear, delaying the newtyre...
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  18. Weekend hotfix

    Jens Roos
    The weekend is approaching so here is an hotfix update that could not wait

    v1.1.0 170407
    - fix for eol range bar not stable even after tuning (buffert had wrong init values)
    - fix for some mod cars new tyre overlay flicker in pit (currently known Race Sim Studio)
    - new tyre detection flexible sync time, could maybe reduce cpu usage non pit (less than 1%)

    No INI files in archive so no settings will be overwritten. There will be an patch as well in the support tab
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  19. Tweaked temp range behavior and more info

    Jens Roos
    v1.0.9 170405
    - fix for zero range optimal temp used by some mod cars (currently known Race Sim Studio)
    optimal temp range now expands around single entry according to lut file (example, for RSS this means +/- 0.2% grip)
    (fixes ERROR division by zero)
    - added more track condition info when modifying pressure offsets
    - added config_readme.txt with description of all INI parameters

    Existing users info, INI file is included, so rename your existing file or delete in archive before...
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  20. Hotfix for 1.0.7

    Jens Roos
    Hotfix update for 1.0.7
    1.0.8 170404
    - pressure temp range was read correct but not used during save

    Sorry for any inconvenience for users already downloaded 1.0.7,
    please see previous post for more info regarding the main update.
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  21. New pressure functions, temp range bar and more

    Jens Roos
    (existing users, please read below for update comment)
    v1.0.7 170404
    - ini and lut files from AC 1.13.2
    - optional temp range bar overlay in IMO box, ring average in optimal range
    - optional display mode for pressure bar, Auto or fixed Scale, for Standard and Compact display modes
    - optional display mode for pressure labels, Standard or Compact for each session type
    - optional ideal pressure offset front/rear configurable for each...
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  22. ini & lut for AC 1.13

    Jens Roos
    v1.0.6 2017-03-22
    - all ini and lut files from AC 1.13
    - extended error message for folder fallback and tyres.ini not found
    - console messages written to py_log as well

    Install package has no ini files so existing settings will not be overwritten.
    User B-RIDDICK at the AC forum will also include an complete ini & lut pack for AC 1.13 and any upcoming fixes
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  23. New option for marker and some fixes

    Jens Roos
    1.0.5 2017-03-16
    - wear and eol bar marker has seperate option

    - optional color mode for wear and eol marker
    - new tyre detection in general tweaked for slicks/street conditions
    - tyre compound with no initial scrub cycle (street) shows as new until wear starts
    - fix for detect new tyres when enter pit-box
    - fix for detect new street tyres during pit-stop
    (at least one tyre must not be new to detect change of street tyres during...
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  24. Patch for rare wear lut error

    Jens Roos
    This is an patch only (but complete install)
    - fix for rare wear lut double km entry in a few mod cars (1 known car)
    (ERROR Interpolate x_list must be in strictly ascending order!)

    If you don't have this error, you do not need to update
    but there will be an patch only posted in the support tab
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  25. Updated, with new functions

    Jens Roos
    Added functions, options and fixes
    - new estimated end of life (EOL) indicator for tyres
    - standard, compact or extend display mode
    - display and info button to toggle thru display modes
    - selectable default display modes for practice, qualify and race
    - ini and lut files from AC 1.12.6
    - optional top box mode, rear tyres displayed same as top
    - optional new tyre overlay
    - optional font use for VR users
    - optional marker for wear and eol indicator
    - optional folder for mod cars,...
  26. Update to 1.0.2, complete install

    Jens Roos
    - fix for error when reading a few of the curve files
    if your app is working, this version is optional
    complete install, patch is available in the Version History tab
  27. Patch for fixed graphics at start

    Jens Roos
    - fix for error when reading a few curve files (1 file identified)

    If your app is working this update is optional
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