Prince George Circuit 2013 v1.0 For AMS 2016-08-09

Prince George Circuit 2013 For AMS.track

  1. Marco Guerra
    Hello friends and virtual pilots from, It is with great satisfaction that today we are launching the Circuit Prince George Circuit 2013 With for Automobilista simulator.

    Dynamic lines of track Reiza
    Dynamic sky Reiza
    Grass Reiza
    Sharders Reiza

    Good fun for all

Recent Reviews

  1. ThatRacingGuy
    Version: 2016-08-09
    Great! keep em coming
  2. thestaggy
    Version: 2016-08-09
    What a pleasure to race on a track from my own country. I've only ever driven on Kyalami in a game, so this was nice. Thank you to all involved.

    As the previous reviewer pointed out, AI seems very slow. In an F3 race, which is so much fun here, I can take the first two corners flatout, not braking until the hairpin at turn three. Don't know what the AI is doing though as I am 1 second faster than them on 120%

    Other ''complaint'' is the scenery seems bland. no ocean view. The green is too bright as well.
  3. Julien Delage
    Julien Delage
    Version: 2016-08-09
    very good track !!!
    i have a question for you ?
    i know 3ds max very well, i'am a Architectural 3d Info.
    How can i find tutorial or a link to convert the max file and all the process ?
    thanks a lot ...
  4. Mike Frost
    Mike Frost
    Version: 2016-08-09
    Very nice to see a track from my home country in AMS. Great little track this, and fun to drive. My only criticism is the slow AI (being the same as the GTR2 version of this track that I've driven many times). Even at 120% they are really slow through some of the turns. I'd love to see the AI improved.

    That aside still loads of fun and I like the graphics..
    Thanks so much to all involved!
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