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Preston Hire Racing Porsche Cup Car

Preston Hire Racing Porsche Cup Car 1.0

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Adapted to the new body here is the amazing livery run by Fraser Ross at a few events in the 2016 Australian Cup C'ship. Designed by Tim Pattinson I think it's a must for everyone's collection!


PHR 1.jpg
PHR 2.jpg
PHR 3.jpg
PHR 4.jpg

Latest reviews

Hi Ryan, i went to make this today being new to AC recently, but then i found yours... AWESOME WORK... but just a heads-up... you 'P' on driver side is back to front, its a '9' :)
Awesome skin, would love to see more PCCA skins like the Bob Jane cars and Matt Campbells :)
I have plans on doing most of the Australian liveries like I did last year. Also, I'm working on the Weathertech Porsche in your dp too ;)
Great, many thanks!
perfect!! please do some more
I love Aussie GT Porsche Cup car liveries. More please!
good job, look very good
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