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PREMA Powerteam 1.0

replacing Manor

  1. updated caps

    Cheers, forget to add the caps in the last update! Now Schumacher, Leclerc and you yourself have Prema-caps!
    Thanks to Electryc who gave me a friendly reminder ;)
    Electryc likes this.
  2. added numbers on the cars

    just a small update, somehow the numbers on the cars were removed on the last update, added them back again.
  3. fixed Leclerc mirrored "10"

    Just a simple update fixing the 10 in the garage, which was mirrored.
    To install the update, you only need to replace the team_manor_2016_01_d.tga.dds in F1 2016/assett_groups/environment_package/tracks/common_sponsors_2016.erp
  4. added preview pictures

    - added the preview pictures for quick race
    20170629193213_1.jpg 20170629193215_1.jpg
  5. fixed issues from the current update

    - fixed issue with walls inside the box
    - fixed issue with the racing suits
  6. added many things!

    - added hospitality (cushion, sofa, wall, truck)
    - added pitcrew
    - changed name on pitbox
    - added walls in box (old numbers still looking thorugh, going to change that with the next update)
    - added pitboard
    - added tutorial video on how to change the driver names
    20170628212000_1.jpg 20170628212011_1.jpg 20170628213756_1.jpg 20170628213811_1.jpg 20170628213952_1.jpg 20170628214011_1.jpg
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