Poznan v1.0 V1.0

rFactor2 Poznan Circuit by Feels3

  1. Gijs van Elderen
    Poznan v1.0

    Update package V1.01: Click here (Single player/offline mode only !!!)


    Poznan v1.0 release notes:
    - package includes two layouts, Race Weekend and Track Day, the second one is excacly the same as first one but with reduced to minimum pitlane details (for lower PC specs).
    - package includes two vmods, with two ISI cars, Corvette and Skip Barber.
    - track has prepared custom textures for Real Road shader, and custom ambient sounds
    - track contains 3d crowd, and 3d trees
    - track uses default HDR profile (feel3 to create your own)
    - best compromise between quality and performance: shadows and details – medium
    - some of you may have some issues with reflections on trackside objects (knowing rf2 issue) , patch is planned when ISI fix this.
    - karting circuit is not avaliable yet (I’m waiting until ISI releases first go-kart)
    - 3d bumps modeled in cooperation with real drivers who has experience with racing @Poznan Circuit
    Special thanks for support during development:
    Krzysztof Szczech, Lesiu, Maxym, Matias, NAD, tOm, Grochol, Marcin89, Bartek Mirecki, Mclaren – Simracing.pl team
    And also big thanks for support to guys from ISI forum.

    Update package V1.01: Click here (Single player/offline mode only :()
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    Joao Fernandes
    Version: V1.0
    Great track.
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    Version: V1.0
    piękny, dzięki wielkie
  3. Bez
    Version: V1.0
    one of the essential tracks for rf2