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MINIVILLE MOD: Skin-Templates 1.00

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Originally: the Miniville mod for rF1 was created by "Santa rF".

With premision from Santa rF, i'm happy to release this mod for rF2.

- Save all files for rF2 as .DDS ==> DXT ARGB 8 bpp | interpolated alpha ==> Generate MIP maps

altOTAXI.dds ==> CAR BODY
altOTAXIEXTRA0.dds ==> Wheels
altOTAXIEXTRA1.dds ==> Back wheel

- Make a .mas from your files ==> give it the same name as your CAR BODY ==> example altOTAXI.mas

- Use your altOTAXI.mas as skin ingame and online.

Get the Car: Click here
Get the Track: Click here
Get the Mod/RaceEvent: Click here
Get the skin templates: Click here

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

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Gijs van Elderen
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