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Portland (2 Seasons, 2 Layouts) 1.21

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(Portland_(Vanport)_AMS_V1.21.7z) MD5 = F599CE7A5FC5CF4341A016BAEE6184DB

Portland Int'l Raceway v1.21

Special note :
It should be possible to overwrite an old version with this update. However if you have any loading errors be sure to remove any previous versions of "VanportCART" from your locations folder before installing Portland v1.21.

This excellent circuit for AMS previously known as Vanport, is now listed in the AMS main menu as
"Addon Tracks / Portland Int'l Raceway"

Unfortunately Portland V1.20 has a bug in the grandstand handrail transparency that I didn't notice in testing. :O_o:

Here is Portland V1.21 to correct the grandstand problem. Also included as a bonus, a new and improved asphalt/concrete blend using Reiza textures added to the concrete patches.

Both V1.20 and V1.21 are compatible and will not online mismatch if you choose not to update for some reason.

You can simply overwrite V1.20 with V1.21 to update.

Please use the support forum for any issues, and be sure to leave a rating / review when you can.


Portland Int'l Raceway v1.20

A maintenance update with some additional upgrades for Portland to take advantage of the latest AMS v1.5+ standards.

* Upgrade the track shaders using original (customized) textures.
* Optimize some areas of the track mesh to improve physics.
* Remove some overlapping/folded track polys.
* Convert the road lines to Reiza standard.
* Improve the curvature of the flat curbs.
* Correct the specular (alpha) channel in the curb texture.
* Revised physics, Flat and saw tooth curbs now have unique physics, Saw tooth curb tire wear increase, Concrete effects added for chicane, pit apron, and track patches, Reduce marble areas slightly.
* New 40 car 20 team paddock and pit lane layout.
* Garage tents and pit details added.
* Improved AI inside/outside lines, Recompute the AI with the latest AMS v1.5+ parameters.
* Re calibrate the brake marker board spacing.
* Updated lighting colors and sky blending angles.
* Package cleanup of unused objects and textures.
* New track loading screens and mini maps.
* Other tweaks and details added that didn't make the change log.

Special thanks and credits to Reiza for their graphics technology, garage objects, and base textures modified for use in this track.

Credits to Patrick Giranthon for converting the original circuit by Alex Sawczuk to AMS standards.

Please use the support forum for any issues, and be sure to leave a rating / review when you can.


This is the same track version as found in the 24 track MEGA pack update v1.2 in a single track package.

Updated AMS v1.4x AI parameters and tire compound syntax.
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This is the same track version as found in the 23 track MEGA pack update v1.1 in a single track package.

Updated with AMS v1.2x AIW and TDF parameters.
Improved UI track list cascade menu.
Track info details are corrected and up to AMS standard.
Accurate pit lane speed limits.
Support for the F-Truck diesel smoke effects.
MAS file edit to sync with the mega pack.
New AIW for chicane layout, faster AI that can (properly) drive the chicane.

Modify the surface physics at the chicane, increase the racing line width by reducing marbles near the groove.
Adjust T1 / T2 apex curb height, minor smoothing to curvature of T1 apex curb.
Add "CURB GRASS" effect to TDF to reduce the massive dust clouds that sometimes occur at a few spots.

Pit speed limit for all sessions is now 50 mph / 80 kph. The sign at pit-in now reads 50 MPH
Add hidden collider wall to paddock area, The AI can sometimes end up stuck behind the pit wall with out it.
Add some pit rails in the paddock to mark the collider wall.

Adjust the mip levels in road and armco textures.
Increase LOD for a few objects on the long front straight.
Update the GDB / SCN colors and SkyBlend settings.

Replace the start light and pit exit light with Reiza standard.

Add Reiza animated objects, Gulls, Heli, Jet.
some new stuff like AIW, new curbs, etc.

no need to dl if you have the megapack
AIW, sorted out the cut track issues at the chicane, some improvement to AI making the chicane after a standing start. Tweaks to lane spacing and groove width, Latest AI parameters
TDF, rebuild with expanded terrain effects for runoff, pit lane, add some missing parameters , correct some parameter values
SCN, random clouds enabled

The 3d sawtooth curbs and the tall triangle curbs have reduced height to help keep the AI from "tripping" on them.

Packed some loose GMT's into the MAS from the last update

Sorry for this new upload but real marking I built in V1.01 has made the pit entry/exit marking a bit unclear.
As I am not quiet with that and dont want to take any risk, I have added two marks on the road to be sure of the pit limits.
Some Mb to download again, but I think this time it is ok ;)

- Big update about track marking
- Portland logo added
- lod fix
- tga fix by gringo
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