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Porsche 962C "Pink Pig"

Porsche 962C "Pink Pig" 1.1

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Cheers and Merry Christmas!
As a little Christmas present I have something special for you! The Porsche "Pink Pig". Originally build as the 917/20, I've done it on the 962C Shorttail.
It got it livery after Ferdinand Pïech called the new 917/20, which was wider than other cars and didn't even fit on the transporter, a "hungry fat pig, which just wan'ts to eat". That's what the designers done then, color it pink and add the names of parts of a pig. And what you see here is the result. Competing at LeMans 1971, the "Sau" had to retire a few laps before the finish.
So I hope you enjoy racing this very unique beast!

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PERFECT!!! THANX!!! ;-))
HQ !!!! thanks
Yes it's my first skin in 4k ;)
Thanks for doing Big Bertha :D
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