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Porsche 911 GT3 R Light Config 2.0

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What's that ?
That mod adds several new illumination for the car and lets you customize it at you free will.

What is in ?
- Turning signals for the car
- Numberplate on doors illuminated at night
- 4 different layouts of led stripes
- 5 skins already coded to give as much examples as possible
- Lumirank on windscreen showing :
- By default, car number ( requires texture editing for further skins )
- Dynamic race position ( requires unpacked data.acd and not online friendly )

How to install ?
Unpack extension,skins and texture folders into content\cars\ks_porsche_911_gt3_r_2016

How to do mine ?
There's a readme in the archive that explains everything you need to know

Quick Preview :


Thanks to Kelnor34 for those nice screenshots ;)
v2 Preview :

Latest updates

  1. Major additions and improvements

    Changes : - Improved cockpit LUMIRANK texture and shader. - Fixed some bad led meshes that...
  2. Lumirank enhancement

    Improved Dynamic lumirank to show three digits

Latest reviews

will it be updated to blink for N24/Blancpain config?
Very Good Stuff!

But is it right that the Dynamic Rank Change doesnt work in Replays?

Anyway nice to have :D
Half cooked. You can`t see in showroom what skins are these ones.
Well. It is NOT possible to see injected mesh on the showroom. Sorry for you.
Looks really good, thanks!
Great Lights config, all of them. Thnx!
Very nice but on this car the lumirank number does not work it doesn't show anything all other cars show numbers
Nicely done, again :) love it. Thank you.
Excellent mod. But I have problem. When I install extension folder the game has crashed. And they says "driver model is missing". I tried your another light mod but same things are happened. I can't solve the problem.
It's nice to that Racelogic thingy in every car! Great work as usual, dude :)
Well, that's mainly thanks to you and your work on other cars ;) I was able to understand how to add bits in the interior of cars ^^
thank you, would be cool if the naming of the skins would have a special name like"LC" or "Light Config". I have so many skins and I don't know which are the Light Config skins. I think this is useful when setting up a AI race and If you only want to use your skins.
Dude, you can also simply add LC to each folder that comes from my mod on your own if you want to filter them out ? I mean...
Fabolous job!. Thanks
Lovely. Really love it people like you are still working to make AC better every day.
Would it be possible to package everything into one pack?
I bet it could be annoying with all the updates otherwise; but still awesome work!
You're getting close tocompleting the Kunos GT3 cars now. When will we start seeing configs for the non-Kunos cars e.g. URD EGT etc.
This mod significantly increases the joy of AC in night mode. Can't thank you enough.
And the next one... pls don`t forget to get some sleep!?
You making only KS cars or maybe more like M6 GT3 too?
Not sure there's a lot to do on the M6. It already has quite some of the features I'm adding. It may lack dynamic position on the lumirank panel. But i'm not sure that's the most popular feature about those mods :)
File size
30.9 MB
First release
Last update
User rating
4.70 star(s) 20 ratings

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