Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 Sound Mod

Porsche 911 GT3 Cup 2017 Sound Mod 0.9

No permission to download
Just fired up AC up for the first time in a few years to race some Porsche Cup cars, and replaced my previous sound with this one. Wow... Very nice adds to the immersion in VR..
simply amazing! Now it sound like a real cup car
Sound is great! the bangs on the upshift are so nice, but sound is as bit choppy.
Great job, thank you!
Most epic sound ever created for an AC car
fantastic :D
Fantastic! Your the AC soundman!
You're making a porn you know that? Excellent execution on these sound samples! Thanks a lot!
I've downloaded all of your mods... and still not disappointed... keep doing great job !!!! :D
I'm Your Fan ACFAN
very very good !!!
Very good! Thanks!
AMAZING just AMAZING !! good job dude.
The Legend strikes again, simply the best in the sound mod biz. Chalk up another beauty!
Another eargasm from ACfan.
Nice to see the GT3 Cup getting some love! Awesome work as usual.
Absolutely gorgeous works and as a "sound lover", I'm near the Nirvana ! ;-)
Thank you very much !
Awesome. I was on last years porsche carrera cup germany round at the sachsenring, and the way how the car accelerated, how it sound when its uphifted. It is even closer to the real thing, than fonsecker. In short great work. By the way, could you please have a look at the mazada 787B. The onboard sound realitic, but the exhaust sound sounds a little bit different, like halfway stopped