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Porsche 911 3.0l RSR 1974 1.12

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Hi guys

Here is the new 911 RSR 1974 totally revisited for AMS. :)

Extract folders "SERIES" and "GAMEDATA" to main directory of Automobilista.

X:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Automobilista

Graphics and package : RSVMille42
Sounds : Dom
Physics : Myself
Logo : Alex Schmurtz

Realfeel :
MaxForceAtSteeringRack=2100.000000 // can be 2200 or 2000, up to you


If you have updated from RSR74_V1.0 to v1.11 a few orphan files should be deleted as listed below if you have them.


Patrick Giranthon
File size
74.3 MB
First release
Last update
4.99 star(s) 79 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. SRS file correction

    To solve the conflict with CART mod
  2. Lost teams restored

    911RSR74 v1.11 Restored missing team skins lost in v1.1 Added new mirror mapping and hires...
  3. Update to AMS v1.4x standards

    911 v1.1 log: Updated sound samples to 44.1 KHz following Reiza standards Added & adjusted AI...

Latest reviews

Outstanding! What a plesure to drive!
Very Good!
great cargood fun thx
Just tried this mod. Fantastic work. Thanks a lot for your great efffort. But I must say that, as someone else noted, the car is unstable or skids under medium/hard breaking. Could a new vesion fix this? Well, to me it would be much enjoyble if this 'issue' could be addressed.

Thanks anyway.
Fantastic mod! Great work!
What an AWSOME car this is. Such a handful. Great job!!
Excellent work, great fun to drive. Thank you so much.
So fun, best car mod I've downloaded so far!
The car becomes very unstable when braking. Please, any solution for this?
Great car to drive and really one of the best mods available for AMS ! Thank You .
Are there plans to update the cockpit , mainly the dash with higher res assets ?
not all cars are good in a sim this on sure is
This mod is awesome. So much fun to drive this car. Thank you !!!
Amazing.Great work!
Only one word: Awesome!
This car is just plain glorious to drive. I've been running the championship it came with, and it is totally immersive heel/toe/shifter bliss. If this mod were the sole content of AMS, it would be worth the full price of admission. THANK YOU, Patrick and team.
Nice feel, great sound
Mod are perfect : sound, physics, precision. Thumbs up !
Perfect mod! Drives lovely and sounds amazing,
Oh man , I'm not even sure where to start. For some reason I just never could gel with driving the Porsche cars.....until this. This little car is amazing , and I simply can't stop driving it. It's freaking awesome! Thank you Patrick , Dom and Alex for bring such a wonderful car for us to drive in this sim !
one of the bests in any sim! excellent car! As always, thank you Patrick & co. for the release!
One of the best cars in AMS hands down