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Peugeot Sport F1 Team 1.1

Peugeot F1 skin that replaces Sauber

  1. bonnejv
    Hello RaceDepartment!

    I'm back with a new F1 2014 mod, Peugeot Sport!
    A fantasy F1 team from France!
    I hope you like it :).
    Naamloos2.png Naamloos.png

    Want to see this beauty in action before you try it yourself? Someone made an Youtube video of it!

    Feedback is always welcome :thumbsup:
    Don't forget to back-up your files and have fun!
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Recent Reviews

  1. ElsoDenes
    Version: 1.1
    The laptime a little bit slowly. But your skin is amazing
    1. bonnejv
      Author's Response
      Thanks! It's probably just as fast as the Sauber would've been. Didn't make many changes to the performance.
  2. GamingRacerHD
    Version: 1.1
    Nice :D
    1. bonnejv
      Author's Response
      Thanks mate !
  3. Brian1993
    Version: 2014-11-16
    Great!What team replaces?
    1. bonnejv
      Author's Response
      Thanks! It replaces the Sauber :)
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