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Ferrari Early and Mid 00's (2006) 1.0

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Yo RD!

Back again, again with a classic car skin, again by request!
I got a lot of spare time recently so I could make multiple cars last week!
Not my best work but this time it's the Ferrari, mainly based on 2006. I think it's missing some big sponsors or something but I wanted to release it, get your feedback and then update it :)!
Since I've seen a lot of Vettel updates with the Ferrari going around I decided to do a Vettels car as an extra. (I'ts the skin only, so if you don't have a Vettel mod installed the pic and name will be Alonso.)
PICS: (Vettel's car)

The Marlboro logo on the Engine cover is mirrored, just like some other small logo's. There's nothing I can do about that.

Any more requests for new skins are welcome!
Back-up your files and have fun !;)

Latest reviews

You're defintely one of my favorite skin creators of this community! Thanks alot for doing it! I love it
Thank you! Means a lot to me :D
Fantastic! Really good recreation of this classic!
Just out of interest, would you be able to do an Aston Martin fantasy livery? There's some concepts online that use the blue and orange colours that they've run at Le Mans and in GT Racing that could look cool.
Thanks man! Just like I said in an other response, I'll first try the Brawn, although I don't think I can do it, than I'll probably do the Aston Martin since the're some amazing Jordan skins at RD already.
what a great looking skin , going to put it right now. Can you give a try on making the Jordan Team skin?
Thank you ! First I'm making a Brawn skin, I think some other people already made some great Jordan skins, maybe I do one later.
Keep up the great work, love the livery :)
throwing this in my game folder right away.since i notice that you are doing some requests.would you make a brawn gp skin for mercedes? the version of the skin with the virgin logo on the sidepods
Awesome thanks, and I'll try it next I think !
Nice skin, if you do on Mercedes, nothing will be mirrored ;)
Thanks man, but I don't think I'm gonna make it two times haha!

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