Paul Ricard HTTT - GT - PROTO - SHORT 1.0

Paul Ricard for GSC

  1. syncmaster
    GSC 2013: Paul Ricard HTTT GT - PROTO & SHORT V1.0

    Scratch version for rFactor by Loco,
    Conversion, change is improvement by Neel Jani ,

    AIW by Thierrydu81 for GT & Proto versions
    Greybrad for AIW SH release.

    Detail improvement
    - Added Short version is that just my version GTR2,
    - Reviewed the full night lighting,
    - New fire starting and exiting the pits entrance
    - Added Google Map for parties land
    - Reviewed some of the textures,
    - Added new small building along the track, which was missing after finding videos is seen on photos,
    - Setting (BIAS) Is the display of many objects distance (Lodin / Lodout)
    - New support vehicles,
    - Fixed rendering of trees
    - Does adding many other items.

    Thank you to Luigi for the cameras,
    Thank you to Fred_as for its superb HD Horizon,

    Maximum Car 32,

    We do not allow no changes to the track, and GDB files, TRK & AIW order of the offer as fixed on various website or forum without contacting us first.

    thank you;
    Reiza Studio for GSC 2013
    SimGarage 3DSIMED
    Photoshop CS5
    3ds Max
    Google Sketchup

    Good entertainment,
    Neel Jani
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