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Paul Menard #21 Quaker State / Steve Kinser tribute | RSS Hyperion 2020

Paul Menard #21 Quaker State / Steve Kinser tribute | RSS Hyperion 2020 v1.04

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Now that the dirt weekend at Bristol is over, I figured it's the best time to release one skin I've been sitting on for a while.

During his time racing for the Wood Bros, Paul Menard would traditionally carry a Quaker State paint scheme for the races at Kentucky. In 2019, they decided to make a tribute livery to another Quaker State-sponsored driver. A poll was put out, and the winning scheme was inspired by the car driven by the Dirt King, Steve Kinser.

Kinser is the winningest driver in World of Outlaws Sprint Car history. He has 20 World of Outlaws Sprint Car championships, the first coming in the series inaugural year in 1978, and the latest in 2005. He has an additional 9 Top Three finishes in the standings, and took 690 "A" Main feature race wins - nearly 300 more than the next closest driver.
He had a short stint in NASCAR, as well as a run in the 1996 Indy 500, but needless to say, neither of these ventures brought the results he saw on the dirt.



__custom_showroom_1617380192.jpg __custom_showroom_1617380065.jpg __custom_showroom_1617382090.jpg

I haven't released any skins for a while. I've been waiting (patiently) on the update to the car so I can update my skins all at once, with some graphical improvements and the new wheels. I have a few skins all waiting to be released once that happens. I finally decided to put something out, so this one should satisfy you a bit until more come. Cheers!

As always thanks to:
@Noobiix007 for his awesome updated tires
@DomGTR for his improved improved grille and headlights
and of course @NeverKrash and the rest of the RSS crew; the Kings of the AC Modding community

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