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OV1 - F1 2014 HUD 0.92b

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Hey guys,

Here's another app for all of you to try out! The Formula 1 2014 TV HUD display.

Thanks to chargingcar for asking for help on creating a new, beautiful Assetto Corsa app!

Special thanks to Filippo94 for helping me with the "skipping Neutral gear function".

There are still things to do and improve but for now, since I don't have a lot of free time on my hands, it's time for the app to go into testing. I started this thread to better keep my eye on the comments and offer "support" more easily -- so feel free to drop-by and give your valuable feedback! I welcome constructive criticism on this thread.

Here's a video showing the app in action. Please make sure you watch the video in 1080p for best viewing experience. Also, the video doesn't encoding ruined a lot of the texturing so you can't see exactly what the app looks like from the video alone. You'll have to try it for yourself!


  • Download the file (link at the bottom of the post);
  • Extract the folders inside Assetto Corsa's root folder:
  • The folder "f12014hud" should be next to the "gMeter" and "system" folders.

To do list:

  • Get rid of leading zeros for Speed and RPM digital displays;
  • Create config file with all cars in Assetto Corsa to set the top gear (hide the gears that the car doesn't have);
  • Find a better way of animating the Speed, Brake and Throttle gauges :)
  • Somehow stop the app from spamming the log files (expect huge files).
Change log v0.9.1 beta (June 30th, 2014):
  • Updated "" file to the latest version. App is now compatible with the latest version of Assetto Corsa (0.20.xx).

Change log v0.9 beta (May 9th, 2014):

  • Initial beta release.

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Ovidiu Barabula
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Latest updates

  1. Compatibility with OV1 Info v4.1 and AC 0.22.xx

    Change log v0.9.2 beta (August 31st, 2014): Updated "" file to the latest version...

Latest reviews

Not working.
Not appearing on Apps List, even when i checked it on the main menu.
This is very useful good app!

However, I prefer graphically indicated RPM meter rather than just text. So now I am using this app and another app to see rpm meter.
Would you please make another version with a graphic RPM meter?
I really hope to use it.
I was exactly looking for this, thank you. I'll try it.
See excellent but don't work for me :( i don't know why...
Hi can u mod this awesome F1 HUD For F1 2014 Game that will be so amazing i just ask if u can nice work pls more mods like this ;)
Thanks a lot!
Awesome great work , thanks !
Thanks for making this!
Fantastic app. cheers mate ,thanks !
It's awesome, thanks for making this!