Odometer 0.4.2b

Persistent car mileage display

  1. 64-bit wouldn't run without certain other apps present

    Changed 1 character in the source file :|
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  2. 32-bit compatibility

    1.3 AC introduced 64-bit. This update should let it run ok on both 32- and 64-bit.
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  3. Calibration accuracy

    Doing burnouts the first time driving a car could lead to very badly calibrated odometers. This should reduce that problem, although it's still a good idea to set off with a minimum of wheelspin up to 50km/h the first time you drive a car to help it be the most accurate.

    If the app has a car calibrated wrong, navigate to the app's folder (steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\stereo_odometer), open odometers.txt, and in the [Adjustments] section, delete any lines that are wrong...
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  4. Accuracy improvement based on tire size

    Apparently the speed I was reading from the API is off by some mystery factor, times the tire radius (for example with a radius of 30.5cm, the factor is 3.45 - I'd have expected it to be 2pi or something, but it's not)

    The app can work out this factor once the car's hit 50 fake-units per hour, so around 55-80 km/h (depending on tire size). Once this happens it'll adjust the display to show accurate distances and store the factor for future km logged on that car.

    Should just be a matter...
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  5. Reset buttons

    Added reset button + config option.

    - only the left (trip) odometer has a reset button, this is default.
    - both have separate reset buttons
    - no reset buttons

    Hopefully this covers @Yatta 's use case?

    If you don't need this, feel free to not download 0.3, this is the only change from 0.2.2.
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  6. included missing dependencies

    Should now stand alone, not depend on certain other apps being installed.
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  7. patched hole in sandbox

    glColor3f used by another app could affect the way this one rendered; now this one explicitly sets it before drawing itself so it should be protected.
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  8. replay fix

    Stopped it from recording mileage during replays.
    Squished up the border a bit. If it's not narrow enough for your tastes, go to config.ini and change the squish parameter. 0.7 is the maximum I'd recommend, 0.4 is the default (was 0)
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