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Oculus Rift Config for AC - No PPE 1.0

Performance graphic tweak for Oculus Rift

  1. Cronos_BR
    Oculus Rift Config - no PPF - by Cronos_BR

    Version 1.0 - 2015-02-14

    This config was developed for maximum performance with low impact on graphics quality, since it doesn't make use of post processing effects, preventing judder and stuttering during your AC gameplay on Rift.

    After some tweaking, i found out that without ppe standard option selected (none) now i can keep constant 75fps on almost all situations that the rift support (until 4 cars on track, for example), just adjusting some parameters inside colorcurves.ini for best color and lighting setup.

    Warning: do not forget to backup your files before installation!

    1 - Adjust your windows and oculus configs;

    2 - Disable windows aero to prevent in game judder - this is very important!;

    3 - Don't touch in game configuration (this tweak will adjust your in game configs properly);

    4 - Unzip and place the file assettocorsa on your Steamapps > common folder (accept all replacements);

    5 - Unzip and place the file Assetto Corsa on your user's documents folder (accept all replacements);

    6 - Enjoy!

    Sweetfx credits: dollarSeTh (AC forum)

Recent Reviews

  1. thaisn
    Version: 1.0
    i really like it! but assetto wont load it up some times. then its really dark and i have to exit and reload again... anyone had this issue?
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