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Mixed post processing filter for AC 1.2

An early attempt to get together the best each graphic mod has to offer

  1. Cronos_BR
    Mixed Post Processing Filter for Assetto Corsa - by Cronos_BR

    An early attempt to get together the best each graphic mod has to offer (lighting and glare effects on different sun positions, sky and objects colors, sharpening, shadows etc) for each situation (photomode, replay viewing, cockpit driving), tweaking and combining different files and configs.

    Based on the following mods:

    - Inanimate Carbon Mod by Carbon14 (sweetfx, graphics.ini and filters)

    - Natural PP Filter by ears1991 (weather.ini and filters)

    - Ben's natural cloud mod by Ben Lee (cloud textures)

    - Pitone PP-Filter Mod by pitone1975 (colorcurves.ini and filters)

    - Real filter by Stratos


    1 - Unzip and place the file assettocorsa on your Steamapps > common paste (accept all the replacements);

    2 - Choose your PPF ingame;

    3 - Enjoy!

    Warning: backup your files before instalation. Default filters won't work with this mod.


    V. 1.2
    - Added Vision and Real Filters

    - Minor filter tweaks

    V. 1.1
    - Clouds color, effects, speed and transparency adjustments

    - Minor filters tweaks




Recent Reviews

  1. marcos3d
    Version: 1.2
    I am using your filter Vision. It is what gives the most real result and still looks good in MODS.
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