NOS Fire Extinguisher and American Brands 2017-08-26

A mod that replaces the fire extinguisher with a NOS can, which you should NOT SPRAY ON FIRE.

  1. Mitchelskater
    Brands courtesy of Sokoloft. NOS Can is my own work.
    Replace ATLAS_GARAGE.tex in sharedassets3. If you do not know how, watch GameHard 4.0's Tutorial on modding My Summer Car, thanks.


    1. naws.png

Recent Reviews

  1. ilovedogs
    Version: 2017-08-26
    Awsome texture can you please make the spraycan a different texture. sorry bad english if i missspelled anything
    1. Mitchelskater
      Author's Response
      Thanks, your english is fine. I can try but I'm not promising amazing results.
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