No "understeer FFB effect" Mod 1.1

ffb slip angle codemasters understeer

  1. Dmitry Zaharov
    Basically the same as my similar mod for F1 2012 which disables weird front tyre slip effect, so called "understeer" completely. This effect is nothing more than a function of steering wheel angle and a speed and have nothing to do with actual car physics. I made this mod for myself and FFB now feels better in my opinion. To enabled this mod, go to game folder and inside "forcefeedback" folder. Open "effectsetup.xml" file (I suggest to make a backup of it) with notepad. Search for the line that begins with:

    Replace the whole line with:

    <FFBSlipAngle scale="0" min="0" peak="0.00" max="0.00" forceThresholdLow="0" forceThresholdHigh="000" minForce="0.0" peakForce="00.0" maxForce="0.00" scaleThresholdLow="0" scaleThresholdHigh="00"  minScale="0.0" peakScale="0" maxScale="0"/>
    Then save the file and start F1 2013.

    Thats it. Enjoy!
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Recent Reviews

  1. BWX
    Version: 1.1
    It takes more force feedback away than what it says.
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