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No People

No People 2.3

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If you, like me, don't like Assetto Corsa ugly spectators because you think they take away realism then this is your mod. This mod works by replacing Kunos original spectators textures, usually just four dds files on most tracks, to make people become invisible. It does not remove marshals or pit crew, it only removes spectators. Also it does not improve frames per second because the replaced textures are small.

Before and after applying this mod.

Kunos original spectators textures like this will be replaced by empty dummy files.
To install just download the mod, extract the zip and copy the content over your Assetto Corsa root folder and overwrite everything when asked. Backup the original files if you want to revert the mod in the future. Be warned that if you didn't install some of the tracks supported by this mod you will end having some empty folders in your "assetto corsa/content/tracks" folder.

Works with all Kunos tracks, with all mod tracks that use Kunos textures and with the mod tracks listed below.

Kunos tracks supported by this mod, all from Assetto Corsa 1.10:
Black Cat County
Brands Hatch
Drift skid pad
Drag strip
Monza 1966
Red Bull Ring
Silverstone 1967
Spa Franchorchamps
Trento Bondone Hillclimb

Mod tracks supported by this mod:
60s Elaintarharata F3
ACU Singapore
ACU Sochi
Circuit de la Sarthe
Cadwell Park
Enna Pergusa 2003
Oulton Park
Paul Ricard
Road Atlanta 2009
Silverstone 1967
Spa 1966
Virginia International Raceway
Zolder 1967

Created with help from Boris Lozac, Topuz, ronniej, Warren Newman and arthur666.

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File size
1.1 MB
First release
Last update
5.00 star(s) 26 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Added support to more tracks.

    Added support to the following Kunos tracks: Silverstone 1967. Added support to the following...
  2. Updated to fix and add support to more tracks.

    Fixed support to Kunos Monza 66. Added support to the following mod tracks: Road Atlanta 2009...
  3. Updated to remove more spectators from tracks.

    Some spectators were still showing at Zandvoort. I fixed it now. To update or install just...
  4. Updated to fix lack of support for some Kunos tracks.

    Some Kunos tracks like Spielberg or Monza 66 still were showing spectators. I fixed it now...

Latest reviews

The spectators always look out of place so much it kills the immersion. Does exactly what is says on the tin.
i can use it as a skin with CM
no zombies any longer :) thanks
After seeing Nordschliefe without the added spectator textures, I realized that it looked as if there had been a litter clean-up across the entire track. The 3d people and various track-side objects look as intended now. Now it is obvious the added 2d spectators fouled the intended visual design of the track. It is truly beautiful now.
Thanks :)
I like the people on the track. Hermanos Rodriguez Arena is so empty! Is it possibile add more people into the tracks?
Excellent !!! My replays look much better now without cardboard cutout populace!
Perfect! No more low-res reptiloids on tracks.
Holly Crap 100/100
Good job
Well done, I, like you, really dislike the spectators. :)
Brilliant idea and one of the most useful and effective mods for Assetto Corsa;
Thank you very much !!
Thank you, very needed modification.
It's like you read my mind ;D

...never understood the need for them, they add nothing to the experience imo.
Nice, thx you really! Spectator in AC are really too flat lol Like old gen object with a bad jpg picture in it lol. Like a game "Who am I?"
Thank you! Great app, much appreciated.

Thanks to the author for the credit however, as much as I would have loved to contribute, I had nothing to do with it.
Works great!
Well done. Excellent, no ugly people.
Small mod, Big difference. Can't believe this wasn't done ages ago. Well played.
I wish this mod would work IRL.
Excellent! Simply but effective
Absolutely perfect!!!!!!! Thank you very much, as this has been an issue with me since I started playing this awesome game (It makes it look cheap imo) Much appreciated .
Now this is awesome and useful. Hate the crowds when using this hotlap simulator