Nissan Silvia S13 FD 2017-05-18


  1. Rastas
    Original car made by rstRmods for rFactor1 and AC.
    Converted now for rFactor2 rFactor2 Mod Mode 2017-05-14 01-04-58-25.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. lensdu
    Version: 2017-05-18
    In general, I really like this mod. The car drives well, the sound is good and the model itself is solid. I always missed some good drift mods for RF2, so this comes handy. But there are some issues like the steering wheel doesn't stay at its place (I just disable the wheel) or that the seat position is a little too low for my taste. I play with the DX11 Beta, so a DX11 conversion would be nice, but this is good so far. I had some fun with it and I will drive it again soon, so thanks for this conversion.
  2. François Strat
    François Strat
    Version: 2017-05-18
    Thanks a lot for this very good drift car \o/
    4 stars only because 2 things :

    - Unlock seat position setting
    - Better textures

    But the general feeling is very good, extreme fun on any track ! ^_^

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