Nissan GT-R GT500 2003 1.2


  1. Doug62
    A car set of three liveries for the 2003 season of the JGTC series.
    Plus a bonus car.
    These are for the chivas_nissan_bnr34_jgtc_gt500_03 mod you can find You may also be interested in visiting for more upcoming JGTC, Super GT content
    4K only.

    WARNING! These will overwrite the originals.
    Install; Extract rar, Zip to your Assettocorsa directory.
    If you wish to keep the original skins, unpack the rar, Zip and rename the cars folders before manually installing.
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  1. Julius triumphans
    Julius triumphans
    Version: 2018-05-23
    It is a good feeling. The icon is also clear.