Nissan GT-R GT500 2003 1.2


  1. Nissan GT-R GT500 2003 Update 1.2 MAJOR!

    This is a Major update. It includes ALL new car liveries, Pit crews and other in sundry.
    Texture update to the KN5 file.

    Extract rar, Zip to your Assettocorsa directory.
    If you wish unpack the rar, Zip and manually installing.
    __custom_showroom_1528778012.jpg __custom_showroom_1528778038.jpg __custom_showroom_1528778058.jpg
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  2. Nissan GT-R GT500 2003 Update 1.1

    This is to update the Kn5 file for visual texture updates. This change has removed 12 to 14 textures before multiply several times in the teams folders. This has allow me to add the crew suits and pit box textures.

    No naming has been changed so there will be no online issues with none updated versions.

    A car set of three liveries for the 2003 season of the JGTC series.
    These are for the chivas_nissan_bnr34_jgtc_gt500_03 mod you can find...
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