Nissan Gemma Holley Autosport v1.1

Fictional Nismo-powered race team based on Red Bull

  1. Drumplayer Madaphacka
    Hi, racers!

    My very first shared work is a fictional Nismo-powered F1 team based on Red Bull.
    List of changes:
    - car livery
    - driver suit, AI driver's helmets and gloves
    - garage
    - steering wheel (the "Infinity" logo on the wheel's top is still visible, it's part of the 3D model, cannot erased)
    - pit crew, race crew, pitwall engineers, pitwall shack (or what it is...)
    - frontend parts (team logos, car portraits, etc.)
    - language file (team name, team boss name, etc.)

    If you like it, feel free to share, or if you don't, edit it as you like!

    To install:
    - create a backup of the original files
    - copy & paste the folders to the [drive]\F1 2014 folder (say Yes to overwrite)


    1. nissan_gemma_holley_1.jpg
    2. nissan_gemma_holley_2.jpg
    3. nissan_gemma_holley_3.jpg
    4. nissan_gemma_holley_4.jpg
    5. nissan_gemma_holley_5.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. vadimtop
    Version: v1.1
    Thank You!
  2. F1RacingGame
    Version: v1.1
    I love it, but I already have an awesome red bull skin. Could you do it on Sauber maybe?
    1. Drumplayer Madaphacka
      Author's Response
      The Sauber has got so limited possibilities to edit, I'm unable to make it look cool.
      Anyway, this mod does exist in Ferrari an Lotus versions.
  3. intoRix
    Version: v1.1
    F1 14 is playable just because tons of mods together with his Nissan Gemma Holley's skin which is best one!
  4. intoRix
    Version: 2014-11-19
    Started new carrer with it. Looks really great. Maybe I would like red/white steering wheel and same color hands, but anyway 5 stars for this!
    1. Drumplayer Madaphacka
      Author's Response
      As you wish! Here is an update with ruby/white steering wheel. I've do my best, that's what I'm capable of. Also changed the colour of the gloves.
  5. Patrik Martinkovic
    Patrik Martinkovic
    Version: 2014-11-19
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