NEW Update for Direction ,ONLY: Mercedes 1.3

IE Extremely fast times, YES Compared to Pilot A of the Reality

  1. Rafael467
    Look ::

    on F1 2013 (And 2012) the limitation in direction by 60 degrees will speed 250-160 km, s, not Allowing the driver (player) can for example make a Forced upset, that even Hinders the time to deal with the car skidding

    UPDATE: become easier to bring the car back
    -Best Direction WHAT Allows best laps
    -Flywheel Faster To No problems bringing the car back
    -Withdrawal Limitation Of Steering SO YOU may Bending The flywheel in 180 Degrees in 250kms, but of course, do not do it!
    Brakes-Added More stronger So you can use the brakes in less than 2 Sec, s (290km-130kms)

    Observations :Temperature of the tyres ( not consider, ARE A BUG )

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  1. Charliemaster
    Version: 1.3
    Hello. Ego CTF Editor. What have you done to make the government turn better. What exactly is it called? Thanks
  2. Hawaiian Guy
    Hawaiian Guy
    Version: 1.3
    Thank you