Netherlands car number plates.(Nederland auto nummerplaten) ver.1

Dutch car Number/license Plates.WIP.

  1. velofosse
    dutch plates_jaguar_xkrs_magione_30-7-116-13-58-49.jpg Plate_D.jpg
    Nederland auto nummerplaten / Netherlands car number plates.

    Dutch car number plates to replace Kunos or other plates that are 1024 x 256.

    Usual format, copy the and the into your desired skin within the Skin folder of your car. These will replace the Kunos plates so you may want to save the Kunos plates in a separate folder first.

    Dutch plates are only identified by registration date. There are no codes for districts etc. Like British plates they belong to the vehicle from sale to scrapping.
    I forgot to mention that the following letters are not in use on dutch number plates:- A,E,I,O,U,W,M,Y,C& Q.

    The font is Kenteken introduced after 1991.

    I have filed the plates by year date. Not all folders are filled as this is a work in progress.

    Check out later versions for more plates in a months time.

    I hope these will give some variety to your cars.

    Thanks for using my number plates and do not forget to check out my Austrian, German, Italian,Spanish, French and Moroccan plates in ASSETTO MISC at Racedepartment..
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Recent Reviews

  1. Harro Gerritsen
    Harro Gerritsen
    Version: ver.1
  2. magzire86
    Version: ver.1
    is there a way to remove them altogether?
    1. velofosse
      Author's Response
      Sorry...."remove them altogether"...remove what?
  3. Snizzol
    Version: ver.1
    Thanks i needed this ! greetings from Holland ;)
    1. velofosse
      Author's Response
      Greetings. This a WIP project. I will probably make another 50 plates when I finish the Austrian plates.
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