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Mexican License Plates Ver.1.0

License Plates from Veracruz, Chiapas, Quintana Roo and Morelos states of Mexico.

  1. velofosse
    Showroom_ks_mazda_rx7_spirit_r_23-7-2016-20-25-10.jpg Showroom_ks_toyota_supra_mkiv_tuned_22-7-2016-14-12-36.jpg These plates have been taken from genuine plates or I have configured existing plates. I will add to these if there is an interest. The plate size is 512x256 pixels which means they will fit any car that carries Japanese plates or other types of same dimensions.
    Usual format...copy and paste files Plate_D.dds and Plate_NM.dds into your chosen skin within the skin folder of your car.

Recent Reviews

  1. Fidanza99
    Version: Ver.1.0
  2. Hazmat
    Version: Ver.1.0
    Wow, buen trabajo.
    1. velofosse
      Author's Response
      Many thanks.
      I will try to make more in near future.