MyTeam Target/PNC Team

MyTeam Target/PNC Team 1.5

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This is my own livery for MyTeam mode in F1 2020. Its totally copy paste installation.





Car Livery
Driver Suit
Driver Boots

This livery replace the 70e anniversary livery of Codematers ( Car and Suit )

Be generous donate if you want, i will keep putting new custom livery for your MyTeam career
Hope you will enjoy it!
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Steven Poirier
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Last update
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Latest updates

  1. 1.5

    - Minor fix T3 sim
  2. 1.4

    - Minor fix on livery - Added T3 sim ( still not tested, not owning the T3 sim yet )
  3. 1.3

    - Major fix, old livery was in RGB now its on sRGB, the color are more authentic
  4. 1.2

    Adding Cap Driver suit now replace Racenet one
  5. 1.1

    Fix - missing minimap for the car - fix wrong folder name

Latest reviews

Very nice!
How do you do it tho?
Steven Poirier
Steven Poirier
did it with photoshop :P
I like it, but that blurry writing across the halo ruins the amazing livery
It's like the livery I never knew that I wanted