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MyTeam LogoPack 4.0 hotfix

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Hello guys! This mod is the first logopack on F1 2020. I done it as I think adding a resource every time for a logo is kinda bad. So, here you have all the logos I have posted on RaceDepartment, with a lot of new ones, such as Brawn GP, Peugeot, Porsche, Volkswagen, Jaguar and so on.

First thing you have to do is download EGO Erp Archiver, which you can find here: https://ryder25.itch.io/ego-erp-archiver
then, after following the steps on the site (remember to download .net core 3.1, if you haven't it already! :) ), set the F1 2020 folder, usually founded in
C: - Program Files (x86) - Steam - Steamapps - Common - F1 2020.
Then, third step, open the blade logo, which will be replaced with our new customized one. It can be founded at F1 2020 - 2020_asset_group - ui_package - texture_arrays - customisation - cstm_badge_large - emblem - emblem_blade (.erp). Go into the "textures" section and click on emblem_blade. Then click on "Textures" (the ahead one, near Pkg Files and Xml files). And "import". Extract your file(s) from the WinRar file if you haven't already, go where you extracted them and click twice. The logo now should be seen, replacing the stuck one. Save the file. Finally, go into the game! Last step: select the "blade" logo, with, if you want, something behind. The color of the logo has to be green and red, otherwise the logo will be coloured in a strange way. Enjoy!

The logos will be on the suit and racecrew aswell.

NOTE: If you download from 4.0 version, you have the copy-paste version. Go to updates and follow the guide (very shortly)
3 examples:

Latest updates

  1. Added right name files

    Added right name files
  2. Forgot to put new rar before, now there is no problem


    This is the copy-paste version, that adds like 90% of the logos in the megapack to the game (not...

Latest reviews

Awesome pack works really well.
Also, I saw someone ask what is the colors, and I'm not sure if the creator posted a color code but here's what I did and it looks just like the original logos.

For the first color, I did: 0 (hue), 240 (saturation), 129 (Luminance)

For the second color, I did: 70 (Hue), 240 (saturation), 130 (Luminance)
What 2 colours do we pick? The colours are all purple
Mate, read installation guide before asking
Please add Koenigsegg logo!!
doesn't work for me..
can you explain in which folder i have to paste the file please
As bluzrok46 typed earlier, colours are purple and cannot change, any advices please?
Set colors as brighter as possible
Will there be an update soon?
The colors are off, is there any way to fix this? The logos have a purple tint
doesnt work for me idk why probably i did something wrong while installing it but the explanation is poor.
Mate.. just paste F1 2020 folder in steam - steamapps - common
Really nice logos! how do you make your own?
Awesome Work, anyway you could add Maserati? Thanks!
in next update will add it (erp)
Looks really good... 2 questions..

If i use a different logo like one from this list for myteam will it effect my online experience (like you have been kicked for cheating in F1 2019) or not?

Also..can you add Abarth Logo for the new patch? :3
Nope. Yeah, in next update will add it (erp)
love the work, any chance you can make a Spoon Inc. logo? I want to make a not quite Honda works team :D thanks
Can you do a youtube video because i dont understand this so good
Could you make a vauxhall one? or atleast a youtube tutorial on how to do custom logos? been trying to do it, working without photoshop and I'm having issues with getting the colours to be correct, think its because I cant export in a certain format through the editing websites im using. Cheers!
The copy paste version has a mislabelled folder so it doesn't repalce the files properly. Rename folder '2020_asset_group' to '2020_asset_groups'.
Logo Charouz Racing System from Formula 2.
Nice job, can you add Škoda Auto logo pls
there is already a skoda logo
Is there a BMW logo?
Logo Russian Time pls, F2 Team
I've downloaded multiple versions of .net core 3.1 and whenever I try to open Ego ERP Archiver it keeps saying I "must install .net core 3.1" makes no sense.
Don't blame me cause you weren't able to install, please. Try to install a different version (remember, if you have 64bit OS you have to go for 64bit. Try to install different versions, or follow a guide. Btw in next days a copy-paste version will be released, so no problem
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