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  1. N

    F1 2020 Sponsorship Mod 2.5.1

    There are no sponsor changes for the livery yet, so far menu only. Hello, this is my first ever mod in F1 2020 Since I didn't want fake sponsors I decided to edit the files and add real ones. This Mod has only added the sponsor graphics in the menus, the once that are still there from the base...
  2. K

    MyTeam LogoPack 4.0 hotfix

    Hello guys! This mod is the first logopack on F1 2020. I done it as I think adding a resource every time for a logo is kinda bad. So, here you have all the logos I have posted on RaceDepartment, with a lot of new ones, such as Brawn GP, Peugeot, Porsche, Volkswagen, Jaguar and so on...