My Summer Save - Rich Parents (unbuilt) 1.0

Savegame providing the experience of having rich parents (You begin with more parts, items and food)

  1. KOGamer
    "Rich parents" Savegame for My Summer Car.

    - Satsuma not assembled
    - Permanent death off
    - No game progress (Pub guy/Gambling/Fleetari etc)
    - Rally Suspension, Race Carburetor, Steel Headers, Race Radiator, Gauges, Spoke wheels, Racing Muffler/Exhaust & Ratchet Set in garage
    - Motor oil, Coolant, Brake fluid in garage
    - Food and drink in kitchen
    - 3,000 Markka in wallet
    - Organised

    How to use:
    - Unzip/Extract the files
    - Copy & Paste all the Text Documents into C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Amistech\My Summer Car
    - Replace your old files if you already have a savegame

    Assembled Satsuma version of this save:


    1. MSC3.jpg
    2. MSC4.jpg
    3. MSC1.jpg
    4. MSC2.jpg

Recent Reviews

    Version: 1.0
    Thanks , i lost my save with my cars engine fully built and suspension too , i died because of an electric shock when i was at the phone... so yeah
    1. KOGamer
      Author's Response
      Hah I remember that happening to me, I had no idea what happened but once I searched for the reason I was like "Well that's ****ing cheap!".

      Thanks for the review mate.