Murray Walker The legendary voice of Formula One in Assetto Corsa

Murray Walker The legendary voice of Formula One in Assetto Corsa 1

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If you use Crew Chief V4 this package is for you.

Replace the Voice folder and enjoy the voice of Murray Walker from PSX games .

Paste new pack - voice

Remember - make a backup

There are certainly a few mistakes, let me know if you find any, and I will add new things in the future

and extra emotions :)
Victor Prime
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Eres un crack!!
You can never have enough Murray. And Martin Brundle too! What a bonus. I just wish the boot is on the other Schumacher quote was in there too!
Also, where and how did you get those 90s tv graphics?
Lol, nice...
Haha, nice :)

At the risk of being *really boring* I think you should probably edit some of the file names in your package to remove the personalisation tags (stuff like "_op_prefix_ok" and "_rq_suffix_oh_dear"). These pieces of text in the file names tell the app to add a personalisation to that sound. I think it would sound a bit weird to have Jim say "well done Bob" then immediate after Murray say one of his phrases
"And now, excuse me while I interrupt myself"

Brilliant - Just fantastic
top man and top work
Unless I'm very much mistaken, I AM very much mistaken! Top work.
Nice work!!!
I love it!