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MotoGP Texture Pack 1.5

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    Sorry for last update.. there is right BIKES PART 1 update
  2. Bikes part 2

    Bikes part 2
  3. Box&Mechanics

    3rd part Boxes and Mechanics suits

Latest reviews

very nice! Can you please do textures for valentino rossi the game aswell?
Jan Volenec
Jan Volenec
I want to but it depends on my time during holidays
Man,I don't know why but this mod doesn't work for me,wich mix file I have to replace ? When I download all the updates I download always the same file.

(Do you use any sweetfx ? Can I have it ?)
Jan Volenec
Jan Volenec
all stuff like BIKES etc.. are folders from MOTOGP2015.MIX .. you have to use MixFile Remixer
Looks awesome, how do i install it ?
Jan Volenec
Jan Volenec
Download all the updates and then using MixfileRemixer
Jan Volenec
Jan Volenec
Thanks mate.. And what about your AI mod ?? ;)
Looks awsome, and which pack is the gear sets in? are they in with the bikes?
Jan Volenec
Jan Volenec
No ... take a look at updates where tey are named and download them in Version hystory section
Excellent work! Specially loving that new Power Electronics livery for the Aspar team.
Jan Volenec
Jan Volenec
Thanks m8.. i was waiting for the 1st review.. thanks ;)
Jan Volenec
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