WSBK Livery Pack No.1 Silver exhaust for Ducati

Yamaha R1 & Ducati Panigale R

  1. Jan Volenec
    After some time I´ve decided to upload this mod for FREE

    It is a huge mod because it is not just about liveries but also race numbers and exhausts or rims

    You have to download all updates
    There will be updates:
    Yamaha R1 only
    Ducati R only
    Other folders only

    If you want to have the best experience you have to download "other folders" as well...


    Thanks to everyone who download it and if you want to give a little donate (kind of support) i would be very happy...
    Just click on donate button below
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Recent Reviews

  1. Reza Oktovian
    Reza Oktovian
    Version: Silver exhaust for Ducati
    How can I download the livery?
  2. Doctor_Felix
    Version: Silver exhaust for Ducati
    Great!! Thanks!!!
  3. senbei6
    Version: Silver exhaust for Ducati
    Excellent work to see if you upgrade the mounts of 2017 Melandri in Ducati and Lowes in Yamaha.If you can explain to open the chassis models which program you use.Thank you
  4. irfanzaidi
    Version: Silver exhaust for Ducati
    Great mod! Loved it! Any plans for other WSBK teams? Anyway, thank you for this
  5. Charkx27
    Version: Other stuff
    Awesome job, great skin mods dude, but i think there's some glitch on ducati rear rim, i think the rim is not for single sided swingarm.
    i hope u fix and update the "other folders". :)
    1. Jan Volenec
      Author's Response
      Sorry mate but i don't know if I am able to fix it
  6. Supernova76
    Version: Other stuff
    Thank's so much!!! ;)
    Super livery!
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