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Mosport (CTMP) WIP 0.901

Mosport, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park, rF2, rFactor 2, track

  1. Small fix for a big bug

    Bela Valko
    There was a bug in T5/T8 where your car lost the grip completely on the Mosport track (not the CTMP track). This version fixes that.
    Sorry guys for things like this bug but this is still a WIP track.
  2. Last big update

    Bela Valko
    Here is v0.9. Unfortunately I couldn't resist to fix things and to transform the pre-2013 version of the track into the real Mosport.

    the noticable fixes while driving:
    - changed (lowered) the camber of the curbs in T3, T5A, T5B and T8, they're more driveable now
    - changed T5A, the transition between the downhill coming from T4 and the uphill coming to T5A is smoother
    - also the uphill in T5A is smoother
    - fixed the start-finish line "collision"

    the less noticable fixes/progresses:

  3. Changes under the hood...

    Bela Valko
    Sorry guys but I lied. :D 0.808 wasn't the last update this year but I think this is.
    0.85 under the hood update
    - added animated cornerworkers
    - added wet road/ripplestrip reflections
    - added realroad presets (light/heavy rubber)
    - added a new building (can you find it? :))
    - texture brightness adjustments
    - fixed some nighttime lighting problems
    - improved AIW
  4. Fix for EVE Matra drivers

    Bela Valko
    The EVE drivers have experienced bounces and crashes between T1 and T2 around the pit exit lane, I fixed this as much as possible with BTB (and the pit entry). So if you don't drive the EVE then this update doesn't change anything for you.
    This is the last update for a longer period of time (probably this year). Sorry for the frequent updates.
  5. Few bugfixes

    Bela Valko
    This is just a minor update with bugfixes, if you are happy with 0.8 then you don't need to download this.

    - the end of pit exit tarmac is somewhat smoother
    - fixed terrain in T2 behind the wall
    - fixed few walls
    - brightness adjustments on some textures
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  6. Improvements

    Bela Valko
    - 1 package, 2 layouts
    - fixed the no-mirror issue
    - adjusted the brightness of some textures
    - mipmap BIAS changes on some textures
    - added an animated starterworker
    - fixed the 2nd group of cameras (thanks Tosch)
    - fixed the pit exit/pit entry lines and the left/right/block AI lines and eliminated the formation lap issue (thanks hexagramme)
    - improved the AI fastline, oh boi... :D (it's fast)
  7. Lots of changes

    Bela Valko
    After the initial release I decided to make two versions of this track, this is the post-2013 layout with the runoff-areas in T1/T2/T5 and T8.
    You can find the pre-2013 layout too in the download section.

    - new pit
    - same base but looks better

    Watch the video. :)
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  8. Fixed pit stall positions

    Bela Valko
    Fixed pit stall positions, previously they were on the pitlane...
    Btw the track has 40 garage spots.
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