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Mosport (CTMP) WIP 0.901

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My scratch made version of Mosport. I made this in BTB and tried to enhance the visuals somewhat, still needs a lot of work, lots of issues.
I'm not a modder and I'm not a Photoshop/3ds max/etc. pro by any means so this will be a long ride, probably needs to pick up by a real modder.

Latest updates

  1. Small fix for a big bug

    There was a bug in T5/T8 where your car lost the grip completely on the Mosport track (not the...
  2. Last big update

    Here is v0.9. Unfortunately I couldn't resist to fix things and to transform the pre-2013...
  3. Changes under the hood...

    Sorry guys but I lied. :D 0.808 wasn't the last update this year but I think this is. 0.85 under...

Latest reviews

Brilliant work here. I live 45min away from Mosport and this is a fantastic recreation of it. I had the iRacing laser scan in mind when I first jumped on track and yours doesn't disappoint! I've always wanted to do something of good solid racing, maybe endurance, around this track and now I can! One problem I noticed was AIs causing too many cautions. I saw an AI crash into a line of cars in the pits, as well.
Great track, like having grass vs paved runoff versions.
I flagged it a week ago as not working with S397 Endurance Pack or URD, today it is fixed, not sure if someone did something or for some reason using the .rfcmp created by PhoenixRacing for skins somehow fixed it, but works like charm with it now. Thanks!
Great track!
Detail off track is amazing.
Incredible work dude! And yes, you're a modder and one of the goods! :)
This will match perfectly with my Truck mod too
Thanks for the awesome work! Opening weekend at Mosport... errr... CTMP this week! I want to turn some virtual laps!
I thought I had rated this my favourite track which I grew up near and visit every year multiple times. To the modder, you have done a wonderful job of this great track who's configuration has not changed since it was built in the early 1960's. The new pits, run-offs and new press building, even the snack bars are perfect. Thank you so very much and guys and gals this is a blast to drive.!!
Amazing job, thank you!
Stefan Woudenberg
Great fun track to drive on, great off camber corners, very tricky and fun! Thank you!! :)
Apologies but I think your description is wrong about it needing to be picked up by a real modder. It's the best version of CTMP I've ever played and it's in the hands of a great modder as far as I'm concerned. Amazing work.
Bela Valko
You should have seen the first release (0.58). :) I wrote the initial message back then.
Awesome. Great track.

Thank you again for your efforts!
I dont know what you were worried abnout it is beautiful, and for me it looks like the layout that, I know, I give credit to all the modders, but some of rf2 tracks dont look like the ones I have driven on, but this one I recognize everything, and that is major, keep up the good work.
I forgive you ;-), you can keep the updates coming hourly for all I care - only takes a minute to install. Thanks!
Amazing work. Top Knotch. Thanks amillion for this killer fun track. :)
Thanks for the update, keep your good work on this nice track!
Keep up the good work! This track is a lot of fun.
Awesome track. Very much fun to drive.
Good job. Thanks a lot.
Wow great job and very fast
A really big thank you !

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Bela Valko
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