Monza "no chicane" high speed route 0.5

ai pitlane/fastlane alternative route

  1. Grand Tourist
    Ever dreamed of this in AC?

    Well, now you can ;)

    ai_fastlane : now follows through after the straight, ignoring the first chicane
    ai_pitlane exit : follows the first chicane as extended pit exit and then stays at the right in the "Biassono" curve so the faster ai coming from the straight can pass easily. The pitlane line merges with the fastlane line towards the second chicane.
    ai_pitlane entry : entering parabolica, the ai stays on the inner side to enter the pitlane.

    -known issues :
    -the arrow units set up on the section besides the first chicane will be run over by the first ai cars. No damage, only immersion will suffer :p
    -when starting the race, ai cars in the back of the grid can do a little mayhem driving towards the pitwall, no idea why. They then proceed their race. Can't undo this.
    -right after the start, a large grid could bottle neck into the section towards the Biassono curve.
    These things only happen with large grids in the first lap right after the start.

    Included are the original ai files and an edited drs_zones file with one extra drs zone and an extended original drs zone.

    Enjoy, I hope. It is somewhat unethical and unorthodox but still a lot easier than creating a whole new Monza layout:D
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