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Hi, everyone. I'm professional designer from Kiev, Ukraine. For free time I love play in racing sims.
Very like Assetto Corsa, but standard theme is so bad.
I redesign graphics resources for myself, but now want to introduce it to community.
The theme is still under development, but most of the resources already redrawn. It is more than 70 icons and various resources.
If it is would be rated — I will continue to work on the theme.



Simply copy folders in game folder with the replacement.
In game press Ctrl+T and choose Modern Flat theme.
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Latest updates

  1. Update 0.6

    Update 0.6 — Fixed pagination. — New network icons — Fixed modal race icons — New in game icons...

Latest reviews

I love it! But with the recent update, you'll need to add the "Championship" button to the Race section.
Exactly what I've been looking for.
Help Me! CTRL+T won't work for me...
Fantastic job, i'm in love with this interface !
Excellent! better than the original.
Awesome! It should be official! Great work! :D
Really like this UI, simple and minimalistic!
Great Update but the Assetto Corsa logo in the menu on the top left can you make the right side of the logo white?
A good start for this new design but I've some issues with FR language in the menu, some words ride another words. But continue, it's really cool :)
Looking awesome!! GJ M8
I'm a graphic expert (but amatorial) too, I made couple paid themes for Android, and this one looks cool. Only two notes: the folder "flat" in the themes folder, can't be loaded if I don't rename it in "default" (the readme doesn't say this); the left sided icons not selected aren't of the best color they could be, I think. I'd have done them not a transparent black, but a transparent white, to turn full white when selected. Anyway this look very cool, 5 stars fully deserved. :)
No, just press ctrl+T in the game and choose theme

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