Misano World Circuit v.2.0

Misano World Circuit v.2.0 2.0 fix

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Finally this is Misano 2.0.
In agreement with the author of the original 1.0 MWC version (still in download section at RaceDepartment), i can publish this upgrade under my name. A big big thanks to him!
3D original model is still the same, i've added some objects, stands, crowds (all with camerafacing feature), new textures, etc.
Many thanks also to people who helped me, mainly to:
DaBaeda for Cameras (cam5 and cam6)
KevinK2 for Sidelines and new pit AI
Masscot and Reboot Team for permission to use choppers and balloons
CrisT86 for his big work to bring a new CSP config files
Frankalexandre for curbs textures and smooth 3d road mesh.
I can't do more with this track, maybe some other better (con)version of Misano will come out, but for now, enjoy this and have fun!
Happy 2021!

Please delete the previous version before install this v. 2.0, the track name is the same of 1.0, i don't know if overwriting can cause some issue, but i'ts preferable a clean installation.
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Latest updates

  1. Little fix (new cameras and ai missing)

    Despite the given credits, i forgot to put in the zip sidelines and pit lane by KevinK2 and n.5...

Latest reviews

Thanks mate. Great job!
Hola! Muchas gracias por este buen trabajo. Estaría bien hacer una modificación para el recorrido más corto para el campeonato de Europa de Truck (ETRC). Saludo!
it doesn't work
great work, thanks
truck start loading then back to menu,i have*t any previous version of misano track,but thank you.
Great track. Many thanks to all of you!
Very good, works perfectly
huge improvement. thank you
Very good and only have small things that make it imperfect. I was able to get better side by side racing out of the AI by making the sidelines wider. I can try to find a way to share the new sidelines with you
Lavoro eccezionale! Grazie di cuore
Great job, thank you!
Perfect :)
Great job! Thank you.
La pista sigue sin cargar
What do you mean exactly? Do you have CSP and Sol Installed? Please explane your problem in the discussion area, instead to leave a negative feedback for something that no one other have had....
Amazing, thx to both of you.
Awesome work! I really like the idea of "remastering" certain big mods for AC; it seems like something that should happen more often.
Very good version of misano. Thank you.
gran bel lavoro complimenti tanti auguri....:-)
Finnaly a good misano mod..thx

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