Meta-Normal Post Processing Filter w-Video Demo 2.5+

Meta-Normal Lighting and Presence Visual Effect Filter and LCD Revival

  1. Phosion
    Put up some comparison pics between soft image Meta-Normal and LCD Revival Alternative.........
    2014-12-27_00001.jpg 2014-12-25_00002.jpg 2014-12-25_00004.jpg 2014-12-25_00005.jpg 2014-12-25_00006.jpg 2014-12-25_00009.jpg 2014-12-25_00010.jpg
    10AM 2014-12-26_00002.jpg
    4PM 2014-12-26_00001.jpg
    2014-12-28_00001.jpg 2014-12-28_00002.jpg 2014-12-28_00005.jpg 2014-12-28_00006.jpg

    STOP, and use this link to calibrate your brightness and contrast and color so that you can see the difference in viewing taste and enjoy your own.

    ( adjust to where your black is not artificially illuminated and like a void, or if you prefer to have your colors and shades fully present with more brightness go with a full picture. Personally i like a soft and flat image however i did adjust my old LCD to optimal viewing performance and adjusted the Meta-Normal Filter to to complement such settings.)

    *->Field Of View Calculator:

    Hey guys in my spare time ive started a new post process filter to normalize the effects and lighting of the game to give an all around visual presence to it. So that i could see the whole image as not washed out or blacked out as possible on my older lcd monitor. Im NOT a professional graphic art designer, im just having fun tinkering and thought i'd share, and wouldnt mind learning from others in the community. Since i like running my monitor at conservative settings i decided to give it a shot. Hope this helps :)!!!

    *remember to level out your monitor settings, for example i run mine at:

    (soft image)
    contrast 51/100
    color 47/100
    brightness 49/100
    sharpness 7/10
    ->*So that my loading screen is illuminated black, not washed out grey. *
    (full spectrum image)
    contrast 44/100
    color 44/100
    brightness 61/100
    sharpness 4/10

    -Note you Can't see the SweetFx in new pictures because its process, how ever i dont think you will be disappointed with the polish it adds overall.


    -> *Adjusting your Monitors Brightness is essential for calibrating this mod, make sure your blacks are black*

    1. Of course to install simply extract the Meta-NormalPost Process Filter to:
    - >C:mydocuments/assettocorsa/cfg/filters
    and then select Meta-Normal/LCD Revial Filter from PPE Menu while in game

    2. To Install Sweet FX files left over in the zip file, extract them to your Assetto Corsa MainFolder -> X:\SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa
    Then use Scroll Lock to Toggle SweetFX filter.

    Backup Download Site:

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  1. Jeron Bleeco
    Jeron Bleeco
    Version: 2.0
    I like this process filter ...its more natural as you said :) Thanks alot for this !
    1. Phosion
      Author's Response
      Youre welcome! And yes it's a modest modification in which i kept all the effects and tried to let them shine while looking as normal/natural as the adjustments cooperated with my understanding of them