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Mercedes W07 AMG on Red Bull Chassis 2.0

HD Livery / Helmets-Gloves / Steering Wheel

  1. Steering Wheel

    Hi Guys

    This is a simple update to make my latest Mercedes steering wheel to work with the Redbull chassis W07 designed livery.

    Mercedes W07 steering wheel.jpg
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  2. Livery design update

    Hi Guys

    I noticed that the black airbrushing or the black detailing on the engine cover and front was not as highlighted as it should be. That has being fixed and also added Petronas sponsor to the rear wing.

    Mercedes W07 pitlane.jpg
    Mercedes W07 side view_1.jpg
    Mercedes front nose.jpg
    Mercedes W07 side view.jpg
    Mercedes rear wing.jpg

    As some of you may already know, designing liveries on the Red Bull chassis can be a bit challenging.

    If I...
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  3. Main livery fix

    Hi Guys

    Small fix to the main livery folder.

    Mercedes W07 pitlane.jpg Mercedes W07 side view_1.jpg
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